Sunday, October 12, 2008

All in One's Perspective

As some of you know, our entire family graduated from, are presently attending, or are planning to attend Auburn University. Also, most of you know that our university is really special to us. Because of that, we love it for more than just football (that's a good thing this year!). We do, however, have season tickets to all the home football games. At the Arkansas game yesterday, three of our four grandchildren were there with us. As the game became progressively worse for Auburn, our 6 year old grandson looked up at me and said, "MomMom, there's one good thing about Auburn losing." When I asked what that could possibly be, he said, "We don't have to go roll Toomer's Corner!" So, I gently reminded him that it's NEVER a good thing for Auburn to lose and we don't HAVE to go roll Toomer's Corner when we win. It's just really good to have a reason to GO roll Toomer's Corner (an Auburn tradition). As I said, it's all in one's perspective. War Eagle anyway!