Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cousins' Camp 2010

Things we probably did NOT do during the week of Cousins' Camp:
Go to bed on time
Eat three healthy meals a day (or 1)
Take a shower daily
Keep any kind of schedule
Take very many pictures--too busy doing other things

Things we DID do during the week of Cousins' Camp;
Two water parks
Swimming daily
Ft. Pickens
Beach Pops
Two movies
Burger King
Marina Oyster Barn
Ice cream every night (with sprinkles and chocolate syrup)
Hannah Montana
Play with Spirit, the puppy
Stay up late
Manicures for Aubrey and Ashlyn
Have a fun time all the time

All of the above--PRICELESS

To the Parents (our children),

Thanks for sharing your children with us for a week. We had an incredible week of fun and they were so good, helpful, cooperative, responsible, polite, grateful......just plain fun. We love them so much and are so proud of them. We look forward to the day Addison can come, too. In the meantime, I hope and pray we made lots of fun memories for the four oldest ones.

MomMom and Pops