Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gorgeous Day at the Beach

For those of you who have ever read my blog, you know that I LOVE the beach and am so thankful to live right on the Gulf of Mexico so I can go often. And, a bonus to that it that I have a best friend who also loves the beach as much as I do. SO, we go as often as possible and have seen lots of things. However, yesterday we saw two firsts for us. One had to do with two sea gulls and I did NOT take pictures but let's just say there will probably soon be some new baby sea gulls flying around at the beach. The second "first" for us was that we found a LIVE starfish and managed to get him back to where the camera was in order to take a picture before releasing him back into the water (we walked and put him in the water every few steps so he wouldn't die). I'll post pictures, but speaking of walking, we always walk on the beach part of the time we're there and we figure if we walk 30 minutes that's probably equivalent to walking an hour anywhere else. Walking in that sand isn't easy so at least that's what we tell ourselves.

Sea gulls catching bread in the air
Hoping for more food
Starfish just before going back into the water

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Different "Outdoor Wednesday" Post

Last weekend we were visiting our children so we able to worship with them on Sunday. Periodically at their church they have what they refer to as WATS--We Are the Sermon. They do not have their traditional Sunday worship service, but they go out in the community to "be Jesus" to those who need help. This particular Sunday they went to an inner city church and worshiped with them, fed them lunch, and then went to the home of one of the elderly members to paint her house and clean up the yard. What a wonderful experience and we're so thankful we were there to be a part of "the church has left the building." For more outdoor pictures from other bloggers, visit Susan at Outdoor Wednesdays . Here are some of our pictures from WATS.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break for Grandchildren

Last week two of our grandchildren, Hannah and David, came to visit during spring break. We had so much fun and they even went swimming in the COLD water. They played with Spirit, our new puppy, climbed trees, ran and played in the back yard with children in our neighborhood, and just did what children are supposed to do. Pops took David to the Naval Air Museum for the day. If you haven't visited that museum, you should find time to do that one day. It's a wonderful museum for all ages. I've included some pictures from our fun week. For more outdoor pictures, please visit Susan's Outdoor Wednesday.

David and his dad check out the cannon at Ft. Pickens
David checks out the fort and said he wishes he had a fort like that in his back yard!
Playing with Spirit in our back yard
Hannah hanging from the bar on the swing set
Hannah found the perfect climbing tree in our back yard!
Just a view of spring/summer in P'cola
We found our bird friend back at Ft. Pickens after a long, cold winter.
We wrote Addison's name in the sand and can't wait for her to come to the beach, too, with her mom, dad, and sisters!
David swimming in the sound
Hannah checking out the cold water
David at the museum with Pops

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Fun!

Last week we went to visit our children and grandchildren for a few days and took a side trip while we were there. It was time to see all of our grandchildren and I knew our new granddaughter would have grown and changed since I'd seen her---and she had. It was fun to be with everyone. The side trip I mentioned was to pick up a puppy from the breeder. We had been waiting until it was time to go get her so it was very convenient to be able to work that trip into our visit to Atlanta. We were able to be with our children and grandchildren for Easter--it's always so good to be able to worship with them when we're visiting. Below are some pictures from our week.

Aubrey's Cultural Day--We were happy to be able to go to her school. She enjoyed showing off her new little sister.

Addison loves her changing pad. She is so happy when she's there. She's growing and getting quite the personality---"talking" and smiling.

Ashlyn and Addison dressed for church on Easter Sunday
Some pictures of spring while driving to pick up our puppy-Lexington, KY

Spring in Georgia-The Bradford Pear trees and fruit trees were beautiful.

Our new puppy-Spirit
We came home to our flowers and fruit trees in full bloom. I LOVE this time of year.