Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Fun!

Last week we went to visit our children and grandchildren for a few days and took a side trip while we were there. It was time to see all of our grandchildren and I knew our new granddaughter would have grown and changed since I'd seen her---and she had. It was fun to be with everyone. The side trip I mentioned was to pick up a puppy from the breeder. We had been waiting until it was time to go get her so it was very convenient to be able to work that trip into our visit to Atlanta. We were able to be with our children and grandchildren for Easter--it's always so good to be able to worship with them when we're visiting. Below are some pictures from our week.

Aubrey's Cultural Day--We were happy to be able to go to her school. She enjoyed showing off her new little sister.

Addison loves her changing pad. She is so happy when she's there. She's growing and getting quite the personality---"talking" and smiling.

Ashlyn and Addison dressed for church on Easter Sunday
Some pictures of spring while driving to pick up our puppy-Lexington, KY

Spring in Georgia-The Bradford Pear trees and fruit trees were beautiful.

Our new puppy-Spirit
We came home to our flowers and fruit trees in full bloom. I LOVE this time of year.


  1. Linda,
    There is so much to love in this post...
    Lovely Grandchildren, beautiful views and a sweet puppy. We are pet people and have a "new" puppy, as well. Lots of work but it is worth it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! And, how sweet is your new puppy?!? So cute!!