Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gorgeous Day at the Beach

For those of you who have ever read my blog, you know that I LOVE the beach and am so thankful to live right on the Gulf of Mexico so I can go often. And, a bonus to that it that I have a best friend who also loves the beach as much as I do. SO, we go as often as possible and have seen lots of things. However, yesterday we saw two firsts for us. One had to do with two sea gulls and I did NOT take pictures but let's just say there will probably soon be some new baby sea gulls flying around at the beach. The second "first" for us was that we found a LIVE starfish and managed to get him back to where the camera was in order to take a picture before releasing him back into the water (we walked and put him in the water every few steps so he wouldn't die). I'll post pictures, but speaking of walking, we always walk on the beach part of the time we're there and we figure if we walk 30 minutes that's probably equivalent to walking an hour anywhere else. Walking in that sand isn't easy so at least that's what we tell ourselves.

Sea gulls catching bread in the air
Hoping for more food
Starfish just before going back into the water

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  1. The sand looks so bright and white! Of those frisky spring fever gulls..lol Glad you saved the starfish!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  2. Glad you took care in handling the starfish and let it go back into the sea! Frisky seagulls aside, sounds like a great day at the beach! Then again, to me, any day at the beach is a great day!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Oh, I,love the beach too. My Mom's family grew up by it. Ruined me forever on where to go for a vacation. It has to be the beach! Your starfish is wonderful.

  4. Lovely beach scenes. I would love to have been walking in the warm sand barefoot.

  5. Beautiful beach and the color of the sky where you live looks incredible. Hope you'll stop by and see us if you have time. Jane F.