Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

For almost 11 years, Hannah was our youngest granddaughter (now Addison is our youngest). I remember so well the day you were born, Hannah. We drove like crazy to make it to Atlanta before you were born and we made it! You are an independent, compassionate, fun-loving, Christian girl. You've always been able to carry on a conversation with anyone around. When you were three, we went to Los Angeles to an Auburn ballgame. After the game, we were all so tired yet you were carrying on a conversation with the lady on the shuttle. You told her your name and you also told her that you had two cousins back home named Aubrey and Ashlyn. She listened politely and you kept talking till we got off the shuttle. You also met a little boy named Aaron at the pool. As soon as you met him, you told him "Oh, Moses had a brother named Aaron!" We love you, Hannah, and are so proud of you. We hope you have a happy birthday!!

Hannah in her colonial costume--Williamsburg, VA 5-1-2009

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