Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thrifty Treasures for Addison

This is my first time to post on Rhoda's thrifty treasures Monday because I usually don't go to garage sales although I love a bargain. However, our neighbor was having a garage sale and I had to check it out. What does one look for when one has a new granddaughter? Little girl things! So, I immediately spied this Barbie Dream House with ALL the furniture as well as a Barbie motorcycle, spa, and other Barbie related items---all for $13!! Now, that's what I call a deal. SO, now Addison has her first Barbie house and Barbies to play with at MomMom and Pops' house when she comes to visit! I'm so thankful to have a new granddaughter to shop for! Enjoy, sweet little Addison!

Be sure to join Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for more thrifty treasures.


  1. that's a real deal!!! Wish I could find some of those!! :)

  2. That is a FANTASTIC deal! I've started to keep my eye out for Barbie items and not only are they hard to come by, but usually really high priced! Great find!