Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Watching the Blue Angels

With the oil reportedly covering the Gulf Coast beaches, it was even more impressive to see the Blue Angels flying last Saturday. Since this is their home, they felt even more compelled to fly one way or the other to bring more people to the area since oil has hurt our number one tourist attraction, our beaches. And bring people it did. We came the long way around to the beach from our house (usually a ten to fifteen minute trip) to avoid the traffic jam of people trying to get to the beach for the Blues. When we got to the beach house, this is what was behind our house. It really was a welcome sight with all the negative news recently. We have had oil on our beaches, that's a fact, but it hasn't closed the beaches and this week there is nothing. A couple of weeks ago, there was oil behind the house and up and down the normally pristine white sand, but it's been cleaned up and we are having a great time this week with family. We've been playing in the gulf, on the beach, eating FAR too much, watching the sunset every night, feeding the sea gulls, and just enjoying being together. How thankful we are that the oil hasn't kept us from having a great time this week. Here are some of our outdoor pictures, and, please join Susan at a Southern Daydreamer for more outdoor pictures.

Blue Angels Beginning Their Show
People in Their Boats Watching the Show
People on the Beaches with Their Tents Set Up (I had to get a close up of the Auburn tent--War Eagle!)
Lot of Tents
Our Beautiful Beaches--A View from the Top Deck of "Our" Beach House


  1. Your beaches are beautiful. I was lucky enough to visit Pensacola Beach a few years ago with my sister who lives in Arkansas. We thought it was wonderful. It's good to know the oil has gone as my sister and her family are going down to Destin this Saturday for their annual holiday. TFS, Kathleen.

  2. Hey, just dropped by to visit. Joy