Monday, October 19, 2009

Time With Grandchildren

While visiting our children and grandchildren recently, we took the grandchildren to see Children's Letters to God at their local theater. It was excellent and very well done. Before we went to the theater, we went to eat together (no parents---just grandparents and grandchildren).

After dinner, we left for the theater.

Time to go in and sit down for the musical---a fun evening and then a spend the night party after leaving the theater.

The next morning our oldest granddaughter made muffins for us.

She also spotted a beautiful blue jay in their front yard and called me to see it. She knew I'd love to see the bird so she specifically called me so we could go out and watch it together.

Then, another granddaughter showed me the scarecrow she's made for Halloween.

It was soon time to leave for Auburn to tailgate with our family and friends before the game. More on that later. We had a great time with our children and enjoyed the special time with our grandchildren.

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