Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Special Christmas Present/Decoration

Recently I decided to retire at the end of this semester. I've worked with many special people, but one in particular and I have job shared the last twelve years allowing both of us to work part-time. She's been my prayer warrior, encourager, and special friend as we've both been through serious illnesses, family deaths, as well as celebrations of life and large and small victories. There aren't many friends/co-workers like Ramona and I appreciate her very much and will miss her. Yesterday she stopped by my house and left a special present at the door for me---I didn't even know she had come by. As I've mentioned before, everyone in our family has graduated from Auburn University so we bleed orange and blue. Ramona's loyalty is to another team across the state so I REALLY appreciate this gift--it was a supreme sacrifice for her to pay money for this! Take a look at my cute little Auburn Christmas tree!

1 comment:

  1. What a thoughtful gift from such a special friend. It's so cute!!