Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby, Buckets, and a Bizarre Few Days

In case you think I'm an indifferent grandmother who isn't excited about posting pictures of our new granddaughter Addison, I'll fill you in on a few happenings and you'll know why there haven't been any new pictures.

The family was all together last Wednesday night at church for a shower for Addison's big sisters (a big-sister shower which was so sweet----they got books to read to her, diapers, clothes to dress her up in, and toys for her) and we were all looking forward to being together at the hospital the next morning and Addison making her appearance sometime during the day or early evening. However, as the day and night wore on, it became apparent to everyone that it would still be several more hours before Addison was born. Todd and Keely encouraged us all to go home and get some sleep with the promise to call us the minute something began to happen. So we went home to grab a few hours' sleep----3 different houses. Even though I couldn't go to sleep, I was at least lying down in bed with our grandson David. He became restless and asked for water to drink. I went to the kitchen with the phone in my hand and got water. As soon as I got back into the bedroom, David suddenly got sick and threw up everywhere----all over the bed, floor, himself, and a little on me. I felt so sorry for him. He immediately grabbed us both a blanket so we could just move to the couch and finish the night! In the midst of all of this, I DID get a message but it was from our nephew who is a sophomore in college saying he would be having an emergency appendectomy that morning. He had planned on being with us over the weekend after Addison was born but that didn't happen, of course. He spent the weekend trying to recover from surgery. Since I thought I was the only one who had been exposed to the virus, I texted our son to say I thought I shouldn't go to the hospital when the other three grandparents went since I had been "contaminated" with the stomach virus. I stayed home while Richard and Sandy and Dorsey (other grandparents) went to the hospital as soon as they got "the call." However, as soon as Pops (my hubby) left for the hospital, we found out the virulent virus had just hit all three houses at the same time!!!! Addison's two sisters were at their house throwing up, too. Thankfully, an aunt was at that house and could stay with them while the other grandparents went to the hospital (she later was one of the victims). All the grandparents (except me) were there for Addi's birth while the rest of us were either home throwing up or on bucket and clean-up patrol. Needless to say, the next few hours were hectic. As soon as Addison was born at 6:15 AM after almost 22 hours of labor for Keely, the grandparents left the hospital and went home to get some sleep. As the day went on, family members began "dropping" like flies with the bug. There were only 6 of us who were unscathed (out of 16), but we were running like crazy for many reasons------cold wash cloths, throw up buckets, clean up and disinfectant trying to decontaminate everyone and everything for Addison to come home in day or so. Keely, our daughter-in-law and the new mother, even got the bug. She was still in the hospital so they were able to pump her full of meds and fluids and she was better the next day. Thankfully, everyone is much better now (including Drew, our nephew), Addison and her mom and dad are home, and we are all very thankful. I'm sorry for the nitty gritty details but that will just give you an idea of why I haven't updated my blog!

Now, enjoy a few new pictures of Addi. We think she's just adorable, of course.

Addison at her first pediatrician appointment (above)
Big Cousin Hannah holding Addison for the first time (above)
Ashlyn (big sister) holding Addison in the hospital (above)
Aubrey (big sister) feeding Addison in the hospital


  1. Oh, she is just adorable! All this baby girl cuteness--I can barely stand it!

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the prayers, and for the well-wishes for our family! Hope you continue to stop by the blog--we love visitors! :)

  2. She really is just precious! I know you are enjoying each and every moment you can with her. Love the pics!