Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day---A Lesson in Love

Today I was the recipient of love in one of the sweetest forms----the unconditional love of a child. Two days a week, I teach English to Speakers of Other Languages in a local elementary school. We have a new student in our class who speaks almost NO English. Today for a valentine present she brought me a gift which was wrapped in Christmas paper along with a paper heart she had cut out for a gift tag. She was beaming as she handed me the gift and I quickly asked her (in hand motions) if I could open it immediately. She nodded excitedly and watched while I opened it. When I pulled out the contents of the wrapping, there was a CD that we all get in the mail from time to time promoting a well-known email company along with the paper insert advertisement. Quickly I exclaimed, "You brought me a CD. How nice!" That gift has no monetary value yet it's priceless. No wonder God tells us in I Corinthians that LOVE is the greatest commandment. We all have something to learn from children who so freely want to love and be loved--no strings attached. Hopefully we're able to see that Christian love has no language, race, socioeconomic, nor age barriers---we all smile (and love) in the same language.

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  1. Amen to that! That is a touching story. That is just one of the many reasons why i love children so much and why in some ways I hope I never grow up. I hope I always keep my child like grasp of loving others. Children have a blind faith towards others that hasn't yet been tainted by what life has to throw at them. They love without the worry of rejection and without any other reason than they simple want to love you, no alterior motives.