Saturday, May 09, 2009

Spending Some Time Soaking in the Sun (The flowers as well as ME!)

I wish I could tell you the garden below is mine, but it's actually one in Colonial Williamsburg. However, it might be what inspired me to come home and plant more flowers (even though I don't need very much inspiration to do that).

I've enjoyed "playing in the dirt" since coming back from our trip (good therapy so I can get over withdrawals from the grandchildren). Here are a few pictures of some of our plants.

The picture below shows some plants I just put in yesterday. I put the same grouping all around the border of the front flower bed and hopefully they will all grow and fill in the space. I'll try to post a picture of that later IF they do what I hope they do!

I'm not even sure what the plant seen below (white blooms) is but I bought it last year because I liked it, it survived the winter, and is in full bloom this year. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me.

I'm really liking verbena this spring. I like the way it blooms and cascades over the pot. Here it is with marigold in the pot above it.


  1. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Linda! (I am guessing this is the post you wanted to link up). All your flowers are beautiful! I love digging in the yard too (especially if my husband is helping!) Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan