Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute to Some Special People in My Life

Happy Mother's Day! My mother has been gone for almost 14 years but I think of her so often and still miss her terribly. She was a wonderful mother as well as grandmother but she was also just a fun person to be around. She loved to laugh and have a good time and was SO sweet--always very appreciative of everything. I hope I can one day be remembered as she is remembered today.
These little guys are the reasons I'm a mother and they make me so proud. I thank God for them and wonder where the years have gone. I never knew how much a mother could love her children, but I quickly learned as soon as they were born. It's just a love that's hard to imagine. They've grown up now and married wonderful Christian wives and have given us four beautiful grandchildren. Life goes on and the love never ends. Love you, BOYS!!!

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