Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Beautiful Metamorphosis

What a nice surprise today when I got home and my hubby told me that a chrysalis had hatched and a butterfly was fluttering around inside the netted cage. One reason it was such a surprise is that it had been months since those caterpillars made their chrysalises. Several had hatched shortly after they formed a chrysalis but I had given up on any of the ones that were left ever hatching. But, there it was--a gorgeous swallowtail butterfly. Immediately after being released, that butterfly went directly to our rose bush and spent quite a bit of time there drinking from the blooms. God has taken care of every detail of this world and all the creatures. Instinctively, that butterfly knew exactly where to go to get the liquid it needed. After quite a few minutes of drinking from those flowers, it flew away to points unknown to me, but apparently it knew exactly what it needed to do to survive.

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