Tuesday, September 15, 2009


are a gift from God. Some of our best friends are staying at the beach for a week. We became close friends many years ago when we went to church together. They were new to the area and we hadn't been here long after graduating from college. We both had little boys at the time---a year apart. We stil joke that the first time we had them over to eat, we had leftover sandwiches from a party we had had (little party sandwiches.) The invitation went something like this, "Come over and eat stale sandwiches with us." So, they did, and the rest is history. When we met, each family had one little boy and a few years laters each family had two little boys. A job transfer took them away when our children were still young, but we haven't stopped visiting since then. We went from hand-written letters and an occasional long distance phone call to now email, Facebook, and text messages. Their younger son and his family have been visiting them at the beach so we got to visit with them--we had never seen the grandchilren. How fun it was to visit. Everytime we're together, it's like we haven't missed a beat and we pick up right where we left off. Here are some pictures of our fun time together.

Their first crabbing adventure--

Ready to catch a crab on a weiner and a string--

The cabinets in the beach condo are so much fun!

Surely we haven't aged much since we first met---

In a few weeks, their older son and his family will be coming for a visit so we're looking forward to seeing them.

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