Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Celebrity on the Sidelines

Well, the term celebrity is relative, but, to our family, he's a celebrity. Our nephew is a sophomore at Auburn University following the long-standing tradition of Auburn people in our family. Both of his grandfathers, his mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and cousins and their wives all graduated from Auburn. BUT, Drew had a chance to do something really exciting for a college sophomore who loves Auburn and loves Auburn football---something none of the rest of us has ever done as far as I know. He's a volunteer manager for the football team and it was his Saturday to actually be on the field. He held the wire for one of the sideline officials and had to walk wherever that man walked. He said it was lots of fun and he got to be right down there where all the action was---a totally different view than any of us have from our seats in the stadium. We were excited to watch him through the binoculars and I tried to take some pictures--very difficult because they were constantly moving to follow the game on the field. I also took a few other shots of the activities at Jordan-Hare Stadium that night. We won which makes it even more fun, by the way!! War Eagle!!

Before the game----The AU marching band and the national anthem

The team coming onto the field led by Coach Chizik

Drew on the sidelines

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!

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