Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be Impressed!!

It’s OK for you to be impressed (mainly shocked)---I am!! In my circle of friends, I’m known mostly for my culinary talents (or lack of), so when I decided to attempt to make a delectable, inviting dessert that I saw pictured in a magazine, I was WAY OUT of my comfort zone! However, I wanted to venture out there and take a stab at it. Here are the ingredients needed for the dessert.
And, after spending about three times as long as the recipe said it would take to put together, here is the finished product. I realize the picture looks sort of like a turkey at first glance, but, trust me, it was really a scrumptious looking dessert. I have no idea how it tasted because I took it to a friend who had surgery, but it LOOKED yummy not to mention beautiful. And, it was SO not me!!

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