Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Old and the New; The Then and the Now---A Place Near and Dear to my Heart

The original wagon shed (bottom) and The original smokehouse (top)

We spent the weekend with our younger son and his family at our farm. It's not really a farm anymore but the land originally belonged to my grandparents. They lived there for most of their married life (57 years) and farmed the land. Needless to say, there's not very much which remains standing that my grandparents built (their house burned after they were no longer living and we moved a turn of the century farm house which was sitting out in a field falling down to the site where the original house stood), but the above two pictures are original structures.

Friday afternoon, our granddaughter was on her way out to feed the cows (we have 3 cows, 5 barn cats, and too many goats). She said, "I haven't been out here in a long time and I love this place." That melted my heart. I'm thrilled that my grandchildren love the place as much as I do and enjoy going out there. Here are a few other pictures of the Farm.

The new barn my brother built

The pond in late afternoon

Looking from the pond up toward the house

Hannah fishing

David about to play a trick on his Pops with a toy snake

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