Thursday, April 30, 2009

Compassion International

Some of you may have seen the two children on the side bar of my blog. I'm going to just copy and paste a blogger friend's entry about a trip that's now going on for Compassion International. You might want to check it out. See below:

"If you haven't been following the Compassion bloggers this week, you are missing out. Shaun Groves (, Melissa Fitzpatrick (Beth Moore's daughter)(, and Angie Smith (Audrey Caroline's mom)( are just a few of the bloggers on this trip sponsored by Compassion International. They are in Calcutta, India... and for me to say any more would basically be an injustice when you can just read their words and see the images ( for yourself!"

God is working in a mighty way through Compassion International. (Sorry I don't know how to fix this for you to go straight to the site from the website address so you'll have to copy and paste. I'm learning but I don't have time tonight to try to learn to link to those addresses. It's worth your while to copy and paste the addresses and read for yourself.)

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