Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost a Fairy Tale

Recently we were able to visit briefly with some very dear, old friends. We met when Sandy and I were teaching together and our husbands were finishing college. We discovered we went to church together and throughout that school year, we became close friends. Our husbands graduated and we moved to different cities but we stayed in touch and visited as often as possible. Soon, babies began to come along. They had a girl and we had a boy, they had a girl and we had a boy, they had another girl and a boy. We spent many holidays together, travelled together, took a cruise together, and just managed to get together whenever possible even though we lived 500 miles apart. We would remark from time to time that surely one of their girls and one of our boys could get together one day. Actually, it just seemed like a dream and highly improbable. However, it came time for college and ALL of our children went to Auburn. Somewhere along the way, their second daughter and our older son started dating. Still afraid to think it might really happen, we tried to be patient to see how their relationship progressed. All of our children are very close friends to this day, but those two fell in love and married and we now share two grandchildren. We have had SO much fun over the years and laughed so much we've cried and also cried happy and sad tears, but to share grandchildren with two of our dearest friends is almost a fairy tale to us! God has blessed our families in so many ways over these years (our children all actually gave us a 40th anniversary party together a few years ago--so very special) and we are all looking forward to another blessing in January when our third shared granddaughter is born!

(You might see a hand behind the picture which is one of our shared granddaughters being funny! We had all just left an Auburn football game and eaten dinner together. We do plan to get together again really soon! It had been too long.)

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