Saturday, November 07, 2009


As I mentioned in an earlier post, we rode bikes in the country on Friday. I told my hubby I wanted to ride to Aunt Sarah's house. He had no idea where we were going but we went to the old house where my aunt Sarah and uncle Will lived when I was a child. Often my mother, grandmother, and I would go for an afternoon visit with them. On the side of the house, there were huge pecan trees which I climbed. Also, Aunt Sarah always had cold biscuits left over from lunch and they were SO good. In my mind, I can just see the house the way it looked then. Imagine how sad it makes me to see how it looks now. It's been abandoned for YEARS and allowed to completely deteriorate. I walked around it remembering fun times from the past and saddened to see how it looks now.

Life is full of changes. Some of those are good and some are sad. We just have to hold on to the happy memories.

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