Friday, November 13, 2009

A More Simple Life

Every time we go to the Farm, I realize that we are surrounded by a more simple lifestyle than our day to day life back home. This week I was at the Farm with three of my friends for a Girls' Night Out. It was toward the end of the tropical storm which struck our area so the wind was still blowing there and it was drizzling rain---perfect weather for an evening in that old house. We enjoyed sitting around the table eating and visiting with no noise except the farm animals, the birds, and squirrels (or wherever those sounds of nature were coming from). There was no hustle and bustle of traffic, no sounds of airplanes or trains, and no sounds of other people rushing to and fro. It was just peace and quiet. The next day I needed to make a run to the nearest store which is seven miles away without much in between. I needed to buy some ice and some more food for the cows and the cats. I am reminded of the more simple way of life whenever I go to the store up there. It's like going back into the days of my childhood when we went to the store to buy a stick of candy and a Coke. Life is simple there and I think that's a GOOD THING.

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