Monday, November 09, 2009

What a Difference a Few Days Make

Weather on the Gulf Coast is an ever changing thing. Last week I posted pictures of a gorgeous fall day on the beach and today the waves at the beach are loud and powerful as they crash into the pier. Tropical Storm Ida is just off shore as I write this and we've been feeling the affects of the storm all day. The weather has deteriorated during the day, but actually everything is relative. Five years ago Hurricane Ivan hit our area with a vengeance, and today's weather is EXTREMELY MILD compared to that. Today is just very rainy and windy with the rain getting heavier as the day has progressed. However, it's actually just a good day to relax, read a good book, address Christmas cards, clean out closets, or do whatever you've been putting off that you need to do inside. Here are a few pictures of the Gulf of Mexico this morning. To me, these are just a reminder of God's power and that HE is still in control.

Where will this little fellow spend the storm? I always wonder, but I know God has prepared him to go where he needs to go to protect himself.

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