Monday, July 06, 2009

Beach Week 2009

Even though we live on the Gulf Coast only a few minutes from the beach, our family rents a beach house every summer for a week. We forget we're only a few minutes from home and totally relax. A friend actually commented to me yesterday that she noticed I'm able to let my OCD go while we're at the beach!!

Since we got to the beach house on Saturday, we've watched fire works, eaten, played tennis, eaten, had our own family worship service (very meaningful and moving),eaten, had some friends out, eaten, gone out in the kayak and a canoe, eaten, watched dolphins, eaten some more, caught crabs, and played in the gulf (and eaten some more). This afternoon we had "game time" and had two teams. We played egg toss, carry the egg in the spoon, over and under relay, etc.

Tuesday we did much of the same as well as had a game of kickball. Two of the grandchildren, Ashlyn and Hannah, divided the teams into Tigers and Yellowjackets and even told us what color to wear. It was lots of fun and I'm pretty terrible, but still loved it. Tonight for dinner Ann and Stephanie (my sister-in-law and niece) planned a "make your own pizza" night which was fun and delicious!

Wednesday, we took all of the children to a huge water slide on the gulf side and they loved it. It was fun to watch them slide down and run around to climb up the HIGH slide and go down again. By the time we'd been there for about 30 minutes, their "running around to climb up" again slowed considerably. Also, Wednesday night, JD and Jennifer took all of the children for their annual game of putt-putt. This year one of the cousins was missing because Drew decided he'd rather go fishing. He caught two black snappers which we cooked and they were delicious.

Thursday we watched the Blue Angels practice. Some of our guys played tennis, some of us rode bikes, some of the children went over to the sound to swim, we ate homemade ice cream, and we began to realize that our week was swiftly drawing to a close. How does this week go by so fast when the same amount of time at work drags by??

Friday we tried to savor every moment by kayaking, watching the Blues' dress rehearsal, swimming, playing wiffle ball, sunning, building sand castles, etc. On the last night, we had the awards presentation for the week long shell contest among the children. There was an award for the roughest shell, the one with the most ridges, the one with the most colors, the shell with the most holes, the shell easiest to paint, and the smoothest shell. There was a prize for each category and the adults were the judges. We also sat down by the water and played charades telling our favorite part of the week. That was so much fun and most of the children had more than one favorite so they got to go several times.

Saturday morning it was time to leave. We packed up and moved out but not without taking LOTS of fun memories home with us.

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  1. I loved reading about your week with your family! I can tell you guys had a wonderful time together. What a blessing that was! Great pics and great memories too, I'm sure!