Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Leisurely Saturday Drive

We are blessed to live near some of God's most gorgeous handiwork so today we decided to go for a drive. First we stopped for some lunch and did a little bit of shopping/looking. Then we headed toward a scenic route near the coast. We never got as far as the coast today but we were near farm land, bays, bayous, and rivers.

The first photo opp came near Point Clear where we saw a beautiful old church building.

Next we drove by a horse farm so we pulled off to get some pictures of the horses. I felt so sorry for this one in particular. I think he thought I had an apple or some grain for him. He followed on the inside of the fence wherever I walked on the outside of the fence.

Here are more of his friends who kept their distance but they were gargantuan, graceful, and gorgeous even from afar.

From there, we decided to go to a little restuarant in Magnolia Springs called Jesse's. We had eaten there with friends a few years back and we liked it then and weren't disappointed at all today.

Across from Jesse's there was an old community center (over a hundred years old and it probably started out as a residence and is now a community center) and another old church building. As we left, the church bells were ringing. I wonder how many times those bells have rung over the years.

Lastly, leaving Jesse's and before heading home, we drove over the Magnolia River and saw this OLD boat which looked as if she's seen better days. However, she may still be "seaworthy", but, nevertheless, she looked majestic just sitting there on the bank of the river.

What a delightful way to spend a Saturday with my hubby!!

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  1. How beautiful! You took some great pictures. It looks like such a wonderful day you two had!