Friday, July 31, 2009

More About Cousins' Camp

Well, last night I didn't get to post about the day so tonight I'll post about yesterday and today. We had a blast both days. These poor children will be so exhausted when they get home, they'll sleep a week! Yesterday morning, Pops and David went to the Naval Air Museum for a "Guys' Day Out" together. They had so much fun and David wasn't ready to leave until mid-afternoon after they'd been there for about four or five hours. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post of their day but just imagine David climbing into the cockpit of all of the helicopters and airplanes that he could including a Blue Angel. At one point, he looked at Pops as he was pulling and pushing all of the controls and said, "Pops, I have no idea what I'm doing!" Later they found the playground which is in the shape of an aircraft carrier and David played and played a long time there.

While they were at the museum, the girls and I had a "Girls' Day Out" doing things only girls enjoy plus a few other things! Here are some pictures of our day.

In addition to the manicures, we went to the mall for them to show me how they could bungee jump and to allow Ashlyn to jump for the first time since she was at the Gulfarium the day before when they discovered the bungee jump in the mall. Here are pictures of the jumping fun!

Later we swam in the neighbor's pool before going to the mall to eat.

Today, our nephew Drew was able to join us. He's a college student and has been working this summer but yesterday was his last day of work for the summer and he got to go to Waterville USA with us today. Here are the cousins at Waterville before we start our day in the water.

Tomorrow ends Cousins' Camp 2009. What a great week we've had. They've been really good and gotten along well and were helpful in so many ways. We're so thankful that we are allowed a very special week with them for Cousins' Camp. It's full of wonderful memories!!!

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