Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Another Day at the Farm

It was time to go back to the Farm to mow and check on all the animals and to just "go to the Farm" because I get withdrawals if I don't go fairly often. When we drove up, we noticed how dry everything looked. The hydrangeas that were blooming in abundance a few weeks ago were wilted and the blooms were fading. In many areas the grass looked twisted and dry and the ground was dusty. However, there were still some lush areas of grass and some very healthy weeds that needed mowing. The pears, figs, and muscadines were all beginning to ripen---too bad we missed more of them being ready to eat!!

One thing that never changes, rain or shine, dry or wet, hot or cold, the animals are always glad to see us and are always hungry.

Somewhere not in any of the pictures are the two geese. Now that the one goose has a partner, he/she no longer thinks she/he is a goat and the two geese hang out together all the time. There are also two more cats that aren't in the pictures either. So, there you go---all God's creatures great and small.

And, to make the day even more perfect, just as we finished mowing and doing all the other chores, it "came up a cloud" and we were able to sit on the front porch and listen to the rain fall on the tin roof and feel the cool breeze blowing down the "dog trot" hall in the old house. While we were there, only one car passed the entire time. It was a perfect day at the Farm!!

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