Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cousins' Camp Continued

Today was a day to stay around here. We began by swimming in the neighbor's pool. Then, we had lunch and drove out to the beach. Hannah, Ashlyn, Stephanie, and I played and swam on the gulf side while Pops took Aubrey and David to play and swim on the sound side. After swimming, Pops, Ashlyn, and Hannah drove down to Ft. Pickens. I brought the rest of them home, we got dinner ready, Pops, et al came home, we ate, and then the children and I made our annual trip to Target to buy lunch boxes, back packs, etc.---back to school items. Now we're home and David has been doing what he does best---playing with the toys in the game room and the girls have been doing hair, pedicures, etc.---just what girls do best. I'm posting some pictures of our day. Are you tired yet?

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