Monday, July 20, 2009

Life on the Gulf Coast

Go on over to A Southern Daydreamer to check out Susan's Outdoor Wednesday. It's always fun to see all the outdoor pictures.

I have a new camera and have been trying it out. My poor husband is having to get used to driving down the road and my saying "Please turn around. I just saw something that would make a good picture!" But, today we rode out to the beach so I could try out the camera and especially the zoom. We both had fun. Anyone who knows me very well, knows I love the outdoors and nature. Today I was able to take pictures of several things that I love!

The Lighthouse on the Naval Base--This picture was taken from across the bay using my zoom.

This duck was busy trying to find his dinner.

Not sure what this crab was up to, but we were able to get some good pictures of him.

Mr. Heron is looking for his dinner.

Later Mr. Herron is roosting getting ready for the night.

The sun sets on the coast and the birds and animals rest in order to attempt to survive another day.


  1. What a great picture of that crab. He's a cutie! And the sunset is beautiful too : )

  2. Linda, these are some gorgeous shots you got, and I love the one of the crab! He is so cute! I put a crab hsot on my post, too. My husband had fun taking shots with his blackberry... I can't imagine what they would have looked like with his camera, but he did amazingly well with his blackberry, too. I love beach scenes. We are over on the Atlantic, and it's a different kind of beach... but still the glorious water. I love it SO much.

    Happy OW to you...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Fabulous photos. Don't you just LOVE watching the sand crabs? Living on the Gulf Coast myself...I love the beach.

    My Outdoor Wednesday is flowers with a 'passion'. Come over if you can find time. I'd love your company today.

    And, hope the day treats you well!!!

  4. Hi Linda, love your pictures....especially the lighthouse. I have one this week also. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  5. Looks to me like that crab was just there so you could capture his elegance!

    Great shots -- love the sun sets.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  6. LOVE the photo of the crab... soooo CUTE!!!

  7. I love your pictures. I really got a feel for what those who live near the coast are able to see.

  8. Those are terrific pictures of the crab ... good thing for zoom i am not sure that i would have gotten close to him